My Business Adviser

With over 25 years of business experience, I am trying to pass on what I learned through coaching and consulting. I am an award-winning marketer who has worked with companies such as GoPro, Color Run, Cotopaxi, Zagg, Email Contact, and VooRay. I specialize in Social Media Marketing, Retail, Sales, and Email Marketing. Feel free to send me a message about an aspect of business you want to know about. If I can’t help, I probably know who can. In the meantime watch this blog for free tips and tricks for your business as well as my other social media channels where I post articles and infographics.19467715_10155541210607174_3751732793780838641_o

Some of you found my site through a link on your phone. How did I do that? There is a new marketing tool out there called Asirvia which uses proximity advertising to deliver messages to people near me. It’s easy to stop such messages and isn’t intrusive but can be a huge benefit to those who network a lot (like me) or have a location they are trying to generate engagement at. Imagine if your customers got a coupon for just walking by your storefront or 30% of the people at a networking event got a link to your website even if they haven’t met you yet. It is a powerful tool and is getting results for me (and I’m not even an ideal case). Check it out for yourself.  Warning, they used an MLM model for their distribution but I am not signed up for that part, I just wanted the device. The compensation looks sketchy and they have unrealistic numbers for how to get paid. My advice is to use the gadget and leave the “unlimited earning potential” alone.