Increasing your Twitter Traffic with a Pic.


You have probably heard you should use an appropriate picture when possible but do you know why? Research has shown that pictures are vital to a brand and to increase engagement. Since Zabisco has found that 40% of people respond better to visuals than to text we should consider including both in our attempts to reach our audience.

Jeff Bullas discovered research that indicated an article with images has views that are increased 94% relevant to those without. A relevant picture can have huge impacts on the number of readers engaging the content you worked hard to provide.

Furthermore, Lifelearn discovered that without a picture, after three days people only remember content 10% of the time but remember it 65% of the time when it was coupled with a picture. Since top of mind recall is what every business is striving for it makes sense to increase the recall rate of your content with such an easy thing.

It’s clear that we need visuals to get more engagement and recall. Use relevant pictures to help get your point across and engage your audience. So get tweeting, and don’t forget to smile!


Image courtesy of stockimages/

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