The Need for Content Marketing Tools

Time As you start to develop your content marketing strategy you will see tons of tools advertising that they will make your life easier (I even put out an infographic on the subject). Choose carefully and make sure you REALLY need the services before you sign up. I can think of a dozen tools and platforms that have been marketed to me this week alone and I really didn’t need any of them. You really need to assess your needs before you run into these ads, that way you can decide if they are right for you. It’s rare that I see a useless tool or platform, I just don’t need them all to accomplish my goals. Most days I publish content for myself and for multiple clients with just a word processing program a news alert aggregator and a calendar. As you develop content you might find the need for more tools such as a graphics program, but keep your list as simple as possible. Content Marketing requires surprisingly few tools to get the job done and to do it well. Don’t fall for all the hype when a well organized system will work just as well.


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