Black Friday Sprint

Here is an example of a marketing sprint done for a holiday sales business. The data was taken the morning of November 25th and November 26th and shows what a one day marketing blitz can do for your business. This was done on Facebook without using Facebook ads and was used to promote an event. If we had used Facebook’s ads, the effect would have been more dramatic, but it shows what can be done by targeting your audience effectively with a message they want to hear, when they want to hear it. insights-compare

As you can see we achieved a 128% increase in people reached. In 10 days the client was able to reach 401 people. With the one day sprint it was doubled. So if your marketing goal was to reach out to as many people as possible, this method works exceedingly well. The views increased by 20% and responses by 10% so if engagement is the goal, this method is on par with what you can expect from a Facebook ad, but without spending the money.

The other side of this is that even thoughthis was an event we were promoting, the clients Business Facebook page also saw page view, reach and engagement increases of 87%, 95% and 18% which is well above the expectations of a Facebook ad campaign.

How were these results achieved? Audience targeting. We found where the target audience, in this case Women aged 25-44, were hanging out on Facebook. Where were they getting their information? Where were they discussing purchases with their peers? Once those questions were answered we posted event reminders in those locations. The great thing is this works outside of social media as well. Find where the audience is, target them directly with an ad that resonates. How do you find your audience? Market research of course.

If you need help finding your audience and targeting them, let us help.