The Secret to Becoming Your Networks MVR

Everyone knows that one person who is super valuable to them in the business world, their most valuable resource (MVR). They seem to know everyone and can get you connected with anything if you ask. Here’s the secret, they aren’t naturally connected to everyone, they worked at it. But how do you build a network from nothing? By giving and not keeping score. If you make a commitment to giving out one good lead every day your network will grow and become a powerful force in your life. It will move with you from one job or business venture to the next and from one phase of life to the next. Give out good leads and you will get good leads. People like to reciprocate when they get something valuable from you. Maybe not everyone will send you leads but with time enough people will send business your way you may have to slow down your marketing or expand your business, and that’s a problem we all would like to deal with.

Here is a handy infographic discussing what is a good lead to pass off to your networking contacts.

Networking - Good Lead


The Habit of Networking

For those who interact with me personally, it will come as no surprise that 90% of my business comes from networking. I attend as many networking events as I can, I meet as many people as possible and I collect a lot of information about who they are and what they do which I then pass along to other networking contacts. This week we will be talking about networking again because I believe it is one of the most useful skills you can have as a business owner and one of the easiest things you can do to get more business. Every day we will talk about one aspect of networking as well as practical tips to becoming a master networker. Remeber the saying “It isn’t who you are, it’s who you know”. Make networking a habit. Your bonus tip for today is to devote 5 minutes every day to building your network and see how it grows.

Networking Done Right

What we can learn from the Superb Owl Ads: Part 3

Star power was in full swing in the Superbowl ads this year and at least one of them got it right. Did Alexa Lose Her Voice? This ad was funny, charming and leveraged star power to the max. People love when Gordon Ramsey makes fun of food and when Rebel Wilson goes over the top to be funny. The premise was simple and relatable but put some fan favorites at the center doing what they do best.

You don’t have to have a famous celebrity to draw in the power of a star. Use popular microbloggers or a locally famous person to draw eyes to your brand or product. Star power isn’t always the most efficient use of resources but it can be used to draw attention if it’s used carefully.

Need help leveraging star power? Give me a call (435) 554-8209

What we can learn from the Superb Owl Ads: Part 2

Now let’s talk about one of the Super Bowl ad losers, Ram. There was a commercial that showed trucks as a Martin Luther King Jr speech was going on. Poor taste. I certainly hope his family wasn’t involved in the decision. I don’t recall Dr. King shilling trucks so I am not sure what the point of the ad was. If you want to do public service type ads then tag your name at the end, go for it. If you are selling me a truck, go for it but this type of ad is disingenuous at best and I feel is misleading. It really was poorly executed.

The lesson is to make sure your image, lesson, and intent are all in sync or you create an uncomfortable dissonance with your audience. It does your brand no favors and could result in a backlash as is being seen with this current Ram ad.

Make sure your marketing is in sync

What we can learn from the Superb Owl Ads: Part 1

The biggest single advertising day of the year had come and gone but always leaves us with a few lessons in advertising. I will be talking about my picks for winners and losers in this year’s advertising extravaganza and what we can learn from it (even if you don’t agree with my picks).

Of course, the big winner was Tide. The first advertisement stole the show and turned every other ad into an ad for Tide. This brand wasn’t far from my mind as each ad started because with few exceptions I couldn’t tell if it was another Tide ad or not. Only a few brands were strong enough to not advertise for Tide inadvertently.

This is the same concept as used in guerrilla marketing tactics, use other ads and promotions to get your message across. Its more difficult than the books, blogs and podcasts make it sound but when you can pull it off the impact is tremendous. It would serve you well to go back and watch all the tide ads from this year’s game to get a better idea of how to use your competitor’s branding to promote your brand.

It's a Tide ad.

Using the New Facebook: Part 7


Facebook Post Idea #7

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Use industry resources to fill your social media and blogs with more relevant content for your followers. Provide links and your own commentary on the content when you share it. They are following you so they want to know what you think about what you share. Make sure the sources of your content is clear when you share it and keep the content on topic.

Using the New Facebook: Part 6

Facebook Post Idea #6

People like feeling special by getting a deal others don’t. They like being rewarded for loyalty and seeing companies reward them for sticking around. Giving out special deals to a targeted audience is a great way to encourage a following. If they feel they are one of the few involved it brings them closer to your brand. If they feel the deal is available to anyone the special feeling is gone and you lose some support from them. Just remember to make your loyal customers feel like they are part of an elite club to increase engagement.

Using the New Facebook: Part 5

Facebook Post Idea #5

You spent money and time to create new content but what good does it do you if no one sees it? Your social media is a great way to make sure customers see your hard work. You can also use a longer blog post or whitepaper multiple times by repurposing the content. A video, several quote blocks, an infographic, and a summary post is how one blog post becomes 5 different social media posts.  Make sure your hard work is seen by your customers with links to the content.

Using the New Facebook: Part 4

Facebook Post Idea #4

Posting random information and quotes relevant to your industry can create customer engagement. Trivia is a big motivator for people to follow your social media if you keep it relevant to their interests. It keeps the content fresh and interesting to your followers. Some social media followers don’t care as much if the information is specific to your industry but it is up to you to figure out what your customers want.