Why You Should Switch From Snapchat to Instagram.

Snapchat used to be the darling of the Social Media world but has lost its edge. A platform where your content is fleeting which created a frenzy of activity when you posted it. Instead of sticking with what works Snapchat tried to become too much and has diluted its brand until it is now just a second-rate platform trying to combine Flipboard, Facebook, and Instagram. In the meantime, Instagram caught up and passed Snapchat in functionality and design. So now Snapchat is shedding followers and Instagram is gaining. Here are 5 reasons to leave Snapchat and concentrate on Instagram for your brand.

5 Reasons to Switch from Snapchat to Instagram

What do the Experts Say About Growing Your Instagram Following?

There are plenty of people who have some amazing numbers when it comes to Instagram. I have looked through tons of them and found some real gems of information for you, compiling them in one place. Check out what these experts say about using Instagram to the fullest potential possible.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips From Experts

How Do You Grow Your Instagram Followers?

Of course, the best way to grow any social media audience is with new, relevant and timely content. For Instagram that means pictures and videos that appeal to your target demographic. You may need some market research to find out what your audience is looking for on Instagram and to maximize your impact. Here are some other tips for growing your Instagram followers.


The Power of Instagram

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is the 6th largest Social Media Network by volume. It is also one of the fastest growing, appealing to a wide audience and bringing a diverse offering to the table. What do we need to know about Instagram as marketers and small business owners? This week we will take a deeper look at this visual platform and how it can boost your business.

Instagram Stats

What Can a Business Coach do for You?

I hope you all have been enjoying the posts, infographics, and knowledge I have been passing on to you good folks. Today I’d like to talk about what a business coach can do for you. Small business owners wear many hats and are expected to know every aspect of business. Of course, it isn’t realistic and that’s where I come in. I help fill in the gaps so all those important things don’t fall through the cracks. Social media, marketing, sales processes, customer support, business plans, content management can all have an impact on a business’s success but is a ton for a small group or individual to manage. Some clients need advice, some need training, some just need me to get the job done for them. I am a force multiplier for small businesses helping them get more done than they could do by themselves. Of course my first consult is free (otherwise how do we know if I can help) and it isn’t meaningless fluff, you will walk away with usable information even if we aren’t a fit. Give me a call and get your business the help it deserves. (435) 554-8209 https://www.facebook.com/mybusinessadviser/

Coach Should You Have A Business Coach-

How to Maximize Your Break Time

A great tip for time management is to take a break. I recommend a 10 minute break every hour for maximum concentration and keeping your best foot forward. Sometimes that isn’t possible but you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you are taking no breaks at all. Reduced concentration, decreased productivity, elevated levels of anxiety and depression are just some of the rewards you get for not taking a break. Super busy and need to maximize the effectiveness of your break? Check out the infographic for tips on just that.


Maximizing Your Break

What are the 5 best Time Management Tools?

Tools can make out lives easier if we use them right. Time Management is already tough enough but if we don’t have the right tools it can be even tougher. So what are the right tools? First off you need a calendar. I use the phrase, “I live and die by my calendar” to stress the importance of it. If an item isn’t on my calendar it isn’t going to get done. I pride my self on a flexible schedule that meets my client’s needs but I can’t flex it if I don’t know when and where my commitments are at all times.

Check out the Infographic for more of my time-saving tools.

Time Management 2

From “To Do” to “Done”

Every great adventure begins with a great idea, but not every great idea becomes a great adventure.  Why is that?  If the idea was truly a great idea, then it should be able to overcome, or at least circumvent, any objections that arise before it.  So what do these great ideas fall prey to?  Are they so grandiose that one just doesn’t know where to begin?  Are they so larger-than-life that they overwhelm at every level?  How are these great ideas so easily tamed by some but not by others?

Planning; those who want their great ideas to grow into anything more than just another idea plan for it to happen.  Easier said than done, right? WRONG!  Planning is the easy step.  It takes a lot of thinking that won’t happen on its own – that’s where you come in.

First, you need to figure out what a successful great adventure would look like.  Then you imagine in reverse the process it would have taken to get from idea to adventure.  Keep asking the question “What did it need to get this far?” and try to get as many different answers as you can because a lot goes into every great idea at every step of the way!  Ask “Where would it have been before it was here if it didn’t have X?”  And X would be whatever the different answers were that you came up with in the last question.  Each place it was when it didn’t have X or Y or Z or anything else you came up with is just one more step along the way.  Keep asking both of those questions until the only place left for it to have been at is “Just another Great Idea waiting to be found.”

Now you have a Great Idea and outline of what needs to be done in order to take it all the way to Great Adventure.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, like figuring out how some of those steps were reasonably achieved.  Ready?  Repeat the above process until those overwhelming or absurd steps have been broken down into something more reasonable and manageable.  Hey, now your outline is really starting to take shape!  Not so scary anymore, now is it?

Motivation is never a problem, great ideas are exciting and great adventures are even more thrilling – that’s motivation enough.  But if you get stuck on a step, don’t hesitate to brainstorm solutions or bounce ideas off of someone who isn’t involved.  Usually, a fresh set of eyes can find some new choices or a new approach that maybe you haven’t yet considered.  And if your usual suspects are tapped out of ideas, go meet some new people and tap them for ideas.  It never hurts to make more friends and expand your personal network!

Now go plan your adventure and don’t forget to send a postcard!


Is Your Time Management Under Control?

Here is a quick look at Time Management 101. These tips will help get your productivity back on schedule and aren’t overly involved, just a bit awkward at first. Don’t hesitate to use stopwatches or set times on your phone to accomplish these. Once these few skills become habit you will see a dramatic increase in what you can get done in a short amount of time (I sure did).

Time Management

Why Time Management Matters

I am sure you have heard phrases like “Use your time wisely” all through your life, but what does it mean for your work life? Looking deeper into this topic revealed some pretty startling statistics which you will find in the infographic below. Most people surveyed claim they don’t have enough time in the day, but it turns out they do, they just don’t use it wisely. Stick with me this week to turn up your productivity without increasing your hours.

Why Time Management Matters