No Black Friday?

I didn’t see many stores this year for Black Friday because I was in the trenches with a client as usual. My wife, however, was out and about enjoying the sales and battling the crowds looking for some fun gifts. One problem? Several stores she went to were closed. During normal business hours. On Black Friday! She said she saw several other cars pull in, check the door and leave as well. Of course, she reluctantly went to their competitors and spent her money with them as I’m sure the other people did as well. Money just walked out the door and no one was even around to know. If you are in retail, you are open Black Friday, it’s just the nature of the beast. I cannot imagine why a retail store would be closed during normal hours on Black Friday. Meanwhile here are some tips for the rest of you who were open to increase your sales over this holiday season.


Increase Retail Sales

One thought on “No Black Friday?

  1. The grocery store I work at pretty much nails all of these things except maybe the countdown, even then they will do pseudo-countdowns to holidays or events by giving a vague time frame (“Just around corner” “Coming up” “Not too far away”) in the overhead announcements and the emails we send out.

    We’ve become well known for our events, some are like clockwork: Customer Appreciation Lunch in the early summer. Kids Day just after school starts up. Lunch with a Witch just before Halloween (usually the Saturday before). Tasting events in early November. Drawings and contests in December for Christmas. Another at the end of January and early February for the Superbowl. Then massive case-lot sales in early spring and fall that we push quite heavily. We then have a lot of new, or single events through out the year. (Burn-out contest hosted in the parking lot during the summer for example during the car show).

    We have a fairly decent presence on Facebook. I’ve been pushing the CFO to start up an Instagram account. He’s on board, and it would be an easy way to have our promo/announcement vids show up on both platforms, as well as a way to show case the events. Unfortunately I’m not in charge of the social media accounts, or it would have been done already. He’s split it up between me and another individual: I build and write the emails for events/specific sales, and create signage for the digital billboard. She’s responsible for internal print signs (for A frames and banners) and the social media account, which at the moment is only Facebook. I’m pushing. Haven’t got anywhere yet.

    I’m not a business guy really (which you know) but I love seeing when the company I work for is doing something right. (Or when I am in my personal endeavors). Always great advice man.


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