Facebook Marketing: Getting Your Message Out on Facebook

A perfectly crafted message doesn’t do you any good if you can’t reach your potential customers with it. So how do you get your message out there so you can start growing your business? There are thousands of ways to get a message out to the masses but in this post, I will be talking specifically about Facebook. Here are 6 methods that work for getting eyes on what you have to say.

Cover Picture

An often overlooked avenue to getting a message out there is the cover picture. This is the large picture at the top of your business page. You can show your brand personality through pictures, quotes, or statistics, whatever gets people to stop and pay attention. You can also put your call to action here, getting your customers interacting with your company. This is in addition to your call to action button on your page so this gives you the ability to have 2 different calls to action.

Posting on Your Page

This should go without saying yet a lot of businesses still don’t post regularly. Don’t just post ads you won’t create engagement if all you do is sell. You should post information your customers are looking for, show that you are the expert in your field and can solve problems and pain points for them. Content marketing is still big and it’s effective at gaining new customers.


The basic Facebook ad is a powerful tool that businesses neglect. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. I have seen $10 ads create big impact. Show and give value, present a clear call to action, don’t spend big money until you know you have an ad that works. Ads work best when you use them in conjunction with page and group postings.

Post in Groups

There are 620 million Facebook groups so the likelihood there is one containing your ideal customers is high. If the groups you find don’t allow ads that’s even better because there is less noise to contend with and you can become known as a trusted resource and use that to drive traffic to your page. Show you are an expert and be useful to the members of the group.

Form Your Own Group

Do you have information customers need? Form a group and you can advertise to a captive audience. Let people ask questions, pose problems, help each other and build community. Set the expectations from the beginning and stick to it. Make sure the group stays active with good content and not just spam.

Facebook Messenger

More commonly used to spam by businesses and bots, you can use this tool to bring in more customers and business if you use it right. Don’t message unless they request it and primarily focus on helping rather than selling. Don’t be spammy and don’t over use it, still one more tool in your box if you use it right and bring a personal touch.

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