6 Essentials for a Productive Team

Building a real team is hard work and most give up after they formed a work group. A real team can produce amazing results and is worth the effort to build.

Common Goal
For team alignment, the team needs a common goal. It should be crystal clear what the goal is. It should be stated at every meeting, posted on the team board. Without a clarified goal there is no reason for a team to exist.

Communication and Collaboration
The first few meetings will be all about learning how to communicate with each other. Constant communication and the accompanying collaboration are vital to the teams success, don’t neglect it. 

A team needs ownership and control over all decisions, processes, and activities that are made within the team, and that ultimately affect their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Without control, the team is just a workgroup.

Positive Conflict
The team needs to have conflict but in a positive way. Without conflict, you risk group think and the team will be less effective. As long as the group processes differences in opinion in a positive manner they will resolve the coflicts and have better solutions

 The organization must empower and support the team as a whole. The team also empowers its members. Key elements of this are that leadership and responsibilities must be shared. Everyone must share the same vision

A diverse team is an effective team. Diversity helps prevent groupthink and promotes a healthy range of ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to form a diverse team but make the effort to create as diverse of a team as possible.  

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