How to Maximize Your Break Time

A great tip for time management is to take a break. I recommend a 10 minute break every hour for maximum concentration and keeping your best foot forward. Sometimes that isn’t possible but you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you are taking no breaks at all. Reduced concentration, decreased productivity, elevated levels of anxiety and depression are just some of the rewards you get for not taking a break. Super busy and need to maximize the effectiveness of your break? Check out the infographic for tips on just that.


Maximizing Your Break

What are the 5 best Time Management Tools?

Tools can make out lives easier if we use them right. Time Management is already tough enough but if we don’t have the right tools it can be even tougher. So what are the right tools? First off you need a calendar. I use the phrase, “I live and die by my calendar” to stress the importance of it. If an item isn’t on my calendar it isn’t going to get done. I pride my self on a flexible schedule that meets my client’s needs but I can’t flex it if I don’t know when and where my commitments are at all times.

Check out the Infographic for more of my time-saving tools.

Time Management 2

From “To Do” to “Done”

Every great adventure begins with a great idea, but not every great idea becomes a great adventure.  Why is that?  If the idea was truly a great idea, then it should be able to overcome, or at least circumvent, any objections that arise before it.  So what do these great ideas fall prey to?  Are they so grandiose that one just doesn’t know where to begin?  Are they so larger-than-life that they overwhelm at every level?  How are these great ideas so easily tamed by some but not by others?

Planning; those who want their great ideas to grow into anything more than just another idea plan for it to happen.  Easier said than done, right? WRONG!  Planning is the easy step.  It takes a lot of thinking that won’t happen on its own – that’s where you come in.

First, you need to figure out what a successful great adventure would look like.  Then you imagine in reverse the process it would have taken to get from idea to adventure.  Keep asking the question “What did it need to get this far?” and try to get as many different answers as you can because a lot goes into every great idea at every step of the way!  Ask “Where would it have been before it was here if it didn’t have X?”  And X would be whatever the different answers were that you came up with in the last question.  Each place it was when it didn’t have X or Y or Z or anything else you came up with is just one more step along the way.  Keep asking both of those questions until the only place left for it to have been at is “Just another Great Idea waiting to be found.”

Now you have a Great Idea and outline of what needs to be done in order to take it all the way to Great Adventure.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, like figuring out how some of those steps were reasonably achieved.  Ready?  Repeat the above process until those overwhelming or absurd steps have been broken down into something more reasonable and manageable.  Hey, now your outline is really starting to take shape!  Not so scary anymore, now is it?

Motivation is never a problem, great ideas are exciting and great adventures are even more thrilling – that’s motivation enough.  But if you get stuck on a step, don’t hesitate to brainstorm solutions or bounce ideas off of someone who isn’t involved.  Usually, a fresh set of eyes can find some new choices or a new approach that maybe you haven’t yet considered.  And if your usual suspects are tapped out of ideas, go meet some new people and tap them for ideas.  It never hurts to make more friends and expand your personal network!

Now go plan your adventure and don’t forget to send a postcard!


Is Your Time Management Under Control?

Here is a quick look at Time Management 101. These tips will help get your productivity back on schedule and aren’t overly involved, just a bit awkward at first. Don’t hesitate to use stopwatches or set times on your phone to accomplish these. Once these few skills become habit you will see a dramatic increase in what you can get done in a short amount of time (I sure did).

Time Management

Why Time Management Matters

I am sure you have heard phrases like “Use your time wisely” all through your life, but what does it mean for your work life? Looking deeper into this topic revealed some pretty startling statistics which you will find in the infographic below. Most people surveyed claim they don’t have enough time in the day, but it turns out they do, they just don’t use it wisely. Stick with me this week to turn up your productivity without increasing your hours.

Why Time Management Matters

Welcome to the Pro’s

I was chatting with a client about finding more people that needed my help and they struck on a good point. I give out great general advice but know much more than is seen on my blog so why not give out a pro tip that I normally wouldn’t give unless you were one of my clients. It sounded like a good idea to me so I put together this infographic on reaching the C-suite. This still isn’t everything I know on the subject but will give a good idea of why you might want me as your business coach. I have been navigating the business world for over a quarter of a century and have run into many of the problems business owners face. Beyond that my list of connections is pretty substantial so if I don’t immediately know the answer to your problems it’s likely I know someone who does. For now, enjoy this pro-level infographic and send me an email or give me a call if you are ready to take the next step to help your business. (435)554-8209

Cold Calling the C-Suite

Subscription Service Launching (Blog is always free!)

LogoBusiness advice is great….but do you want more? How about twice weekly videos? How about a live chat each week to answer your questions? In depth training about small business and marketing topics delivered to you and access to an award winning business coach….. for $30 a month? Yep. Of course you are welcome to go to a marketing firm and get the same information (cheapest one in Logan is $300/hr). Kind of interested? Here is a free video to get you started. Feel free to chime in below ifyou have any questions about this service. Feel free to tell EVERYONE….we are going to change small business marketing and help YOU increase your effectiveness in the market!

Why should I have a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software should be a component of every business. There are lots of tasks that CRM’s make much easier for businesses to handle. Every business should have some sort of CRM to help manage the task of customer care. Even small businesses with very few clients should use something to track its customers. I’m not going to endorse any CRM’s in this post, but you need to get one or even manage your own on a spreadsheet and here is why:


  1. Keeps you Organized – When was the last time you contacted Joe? When did Sue last make a purchase? Using a CRM helps you keep track of what customers are doing and where they are in the sales cycle. You don’t have to spam messages out to customers if you know more about their purchasing habits.
  2. It is a Force Multiplier – I track over 200 business clients and it takes me only 5 minutes a day to manage all of them. With a good CRM system it is easy to keep track of far more than that. Instead of poring over records and hoping I didn’t miss someone my time is used much more efficiently and I can do the job of several people who don’t use CRM’s. This simultaneously boosts my sales and reduces my employer’s expenses. Win-win!
  3. It Boosts Sales – Which is ultimately the goal of every business. The main boost I see is from customer satisfaction. I know when I talked to each client and what we talked about. When I recall that information and use it a month later the customer feels better cared for and is better cared for. They know I am on their team and trying to help them out. Even if they don’t buy from me now, they will remember me down the road when it is time for them to buy. The other way it boosts sales is in a CRM’s predictive power. Our CRM sees an increase in Youth Camps purchasing our service, we know who we should be targeting and where the highest quality sales leads are.
  4. Makes for a Better Customer Experience – Especially when you have a large team sharing the responsibilities of the client base. Each customer doesn’t have to explain the history of their account every time they call in. A well run CRM will have that information available for the person they contact. Even better is that the management team can see customers that might be having a bad experience and proactively reach out to them potentially gaining better customer loyalty. The customer appreciates when you know what is going on with their account without them having to repeat themselves every time.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a CRM service. Your customers, sales team and customer support will thank you.

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