Books, Books, and More Books.

This post has links to my Amazon Account and I do get paid if you use those links to purchase these books. Even if you don’t use my links, get these books and read them, they are a goldmine of information!

Books are a great way to bring up your knowledge and get better at any business you choose to go into. I am going to talk about my top five books and why I think every business owner and entrepreneur should read them. My top books shifts all the time, but these are my usually my go to recommendations.

#1 Smart Marketers Toolbox by Eric Schulz.

I had the privilege of being in some of Mr. Schulz’s classes in college and they were always eye opening. This book is all about marketing taken from real world examples and practically applied. Veteran marketers won’t see anything they haven’t heard before, but I still recommend it to them because the layout of his techniques and the simplicity in which they are used will help streamline anyone’s marketing campaigns. For beginning marketers this book is the gold standard, it is a must read and will help guide you with effective and practical marketing.

#2 Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

The go to book if you are trying to market and don’t have the budget to compete with the big boys. This book talks about way to maximize your impact no matter what your budget is and each new addition provides even more value. This book is full of ideas and real world examples to help you push your marketing beyond what you thought possible for your budget. A must for every business book shelf.

#3 Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

I am a big supporter of Content Marketing and this book has a lot of the techniques I use. It’s the perfect primer to getting you started writing great content and using that content to grab customers and create fans. From blogs and podcasts to videos and webinars this book shows a you how to do it well. Content marketing can be used for almost every business which is why I highly recommend this book to almost everyone.

#4 Influencer by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler

This book is so powerful and a must for leaders and marketers alike. How to influence people is a key skill needed if you are running a business or you are doing marketing of any type, including just marketing yourself. This book teaches you the skills and strategies of creating change and bringing other people along with your vision.

#5 Bootstrap Business by Rich Christiansen and Ron E. Porter

Financial mistakes are dangerous for any business but even more so for new businesses starting out. They don’t usually have the capital reserves to overcome errors or to waste money at any point in their growth. This book shows you how to avoid those pitfalls and get your business profitable faster by not spending too much too fast. I love all the practical advice and tips that have kept me out of financial trouble.