Books, Books, and More Books.

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Books are a great way to bring up your knowledge and get better at any business you choose to go into. I am going to talk about my top five books and why I think every business owner and entrepreneur should read them. My top books shifts all the time, but these are my usually my go to recommendations.

#1 Smart Marketers Toolbox by Eric Schulz.

I had the privilege of being in some of Mr. Schulz’s classes in college and they were always eye opening. This book is all about marketing taken from real world examples and practically applied. Veteran marketers won’t see anything they haven’t heard before, but I still recommend it to them because the layout of his techniques and the simplicity in which they are used will help streamline anyone’s marketing campaigns. For beginning marketers this book is the gold standard, it is a must read and will help guide you with effective and practical marketing.

#2 Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

The go to book if you are trying to market and don’t have the budget to compete with the big boys. This book talks about way to maximize your impact no matter what your budget is and each new addition provides even more value. This book is full of ideas and real world examples to help you push your marketing beyond what you thought possible for your budget. A must for every business book shelf.

#3 Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

I am a big supporter of Content Marketing and this book has a lot of the techniques I use. It’s the perfect primer to getting you started writing great content and using that content to grab customers and create fans. From blogs and podcasts to videos and webinars this book shows a you how to do it well. Content marketing can be used for almost every business which is why I highly recommend this book to almost everyone.

#4 Influencer by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler

This book is so powerful and a must for leaders and marketers alike. How to influence people is a key skill needed if you are running a business or you are doing marketing of any type, including just marketing yourself. This book teaches you the skills and strategies of creating change and bringing other people along with your vision.

#5 Bootstrap Business by Rich Christiansen and Ron E. Porter

Financial mistakes are dangerous for any business but even more so for new businesses starting out. They don’t usually have the capital reserves to overcome errors or to waste money at any point in their growth. This book shows you how to avoid those pitfalls and get your business profitable faster by not spending too much too fast. I love all the practical advice and tips that have kept me out of financial trouble.

Defining Success

Defining Success

When you have your own business there is no one who can define success but you. In a regular job, you have metrics you are measured by, above this number is good, below it is bad. When you are the boss those numbers don’t come from an outside source. Some numbers have a bearing, for example, above this many sales and we can pay all our bills and below we can’t, but those don’t necessarily define success, they just define reality. So, what does success mean to you? I have run businesses where success wasn’t measured with money or other standard business metrics, it was measured by how much I learned and grew. Others were more practical, I make a certain amount of money and keep expenses below a certain percent and I was successful. Currently, it is more complex with a monetary component and an educational one.  I have a goal for the number of people I want to teach but still provide a reasonable living for my family.

Above all make sure your success is internally defined and not externally. If you look to outside sources to define your success for you or try to keep up with someone else, your chances of success diminish significantly. It’s ok to use outside info to make your definition, for example figuring out costs for maintaining a lifestyle, but the motivation and the drive for success has to come from within. When your definition comes from an internal source you are motivated and driven to achieve that success and it will be easier to drive toward. Make sure you write it down so that once you get there you can celebrate that success and maintain it. Without that definition in writing it is easier to lose focus and remember why you are doing what you do.

DS Boot Camp: DS Success

Rounding out our Direct Sales week with an infographic to help with your success. Keep these in mind as you work your DS business. The more of a business mindset you maintain the easier time you will have with running your business. For more tips and coaching for your DS business join our monthly coaching program. $30 a month provides you a business coach and a wealth of information and help.


Small Business Tools

It’s been a rough week with the flu dropping me and everyone else at the office like flies. It’s a good thing I can coach virtually so I don’t have sick clients as well. Today I am posting two infographics about small businesses to make up for my week of rest. The first one is about the 5 Social Media tools you should be using and the second id a Small Business Start-up Checklist for those of you who are just beginning this journey. Something for everyone! As always drop me a line on Facebook if you have any questions or think you may want a coach to help your business take things up a notch. First consult is free and you will walk away with actionable info, not just a sales pitch.

Why Small Businesses Struggle

All the time I see small businesses pop into view with gusto then fade away with barely a peep. Why? Usually, it’s because they are driven by passion and not much else. Contrary to what people like to believe, passion is not enough. Here are 10 reasons I have seen that make small business a struggle. With proper planning and coaching none of these need to stop your passion.

Reasons Small Businesses Stuggle

Build Your Leadership Library

Eager KoalaTo be seen as a leader you should build your leadership library. No one is ever going to see your leadership library (unless they see it one book at a time as you read), but having one and using it will build your reputation as a leader. Leadership is a skill to be honed and perfected and one of the ways to do that is books. You should be reading the books of leaders who inspire you. Of course, don’t JUST read, write the thoughts you have about the book out and use them. If you only read and don’t implement what you have learned, why waste your time reading? You should have a leadership notebook that contains these thoughts and action plans. Review it regularly (I recommend first thing every morning). Over time these action plans will become action habits and it will be noticed. So remember, always have something you are reading about leadership. Here is a short list of my favorite books on the subject.

Your Leadership Story by Tim Tobin

All Star Sales Teams by Dan Kleinman

Managing Change by Harvard Business Press

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Getting to Yes by Fisher and Ury

Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge by Bennis and Nanus

Leadership by James Burns

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis

New Patterns in Management by Rensis Likert
-My list goes on…..what are your favorite leadership books?



Tip to Grow your Email List

Grow your email list by offering a birthday or an anniversary club. People that sign up get something special that month and you get access to a potential customer. People love free things and if they sign up, they probably like what you are giving them. This means that you will have a list rich with people who are your target audience and rich lists produce more sales. Use your email list segmentation (you had better be with a service that has it) to manage those lists. Then you can send out the special promotion to the right people. Make sure what you give is worth them signing up but not so good it breaks your bank. Envelopes

Social Media Strategy

What is your social media strategy? Do you have a plan or are you just winging it? Join our subscription service and learn to do more with less. Media Brief