The Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the cornerstone of a good content marketing campaign. If it’s done right the ROI is one of the best in the industry. If done wrong it’s a colossal waste of time. Out of all the tips I am giving this week the two most important are to be consistent and to be useful. People should know when your email will be coming and they should know there will be at least one piece of new and useful content. That is how you build your list and how you prevent subscriber drop off. Here is an infographic with more tips for you.

Do and dont of email campaign

How to Purchase an Email List

YOU DON’T! Purchasing an email list is a bad idea as well as a waste of money. You don’t have control of how many others have used the same list, who is on it or even how many emails are still valid. A purchased email list can wreck your email marketing campaign before it even gets started. Here are 8 reasons to NEVER purchase and email list.

Email list purchase

Buying Email Lists

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about buying email lists so I will give you the same advice I give everyone. DON’T! There is never a good reason to buy an email list. Never. If you are convinced it is the way to go then the email list marketers are doing their job but take it from me you will regret it. The list has likely been used to the point of uselessness, it isn’t targeted the way you need and you won’t get any sales off of it. In one example I witnessed a “Targeted and Clean” list had an 85% bounce rate. Not only did they not get sales, they were banned from their email provider. I could get less of a bounce rate just guessing emails and sending them. I understand the need to have a large email list to send your information to but it is always better to build the list yourself. The bounce rate is lower, the engagement is higher and the likelihood of producing a sale is infinitely higher. Here are 10 ways to start building your email list. If you need more, lets chat.

Ways to build your email list


Small Business Marketing with No Budget

There are tons of tools out there for you as a small business owner to market your business without spending money. The one thing you need to remember is that this is usually a trade off for time. The less money you spend typically results in more time spent so make sure to use a cost/benefit analysis before you decide it’s cheaper to do it all yourself. That being said, here are some tips to market your small business without spending money.

Email Marketing

No matter what business you are in you should always be building your email marketing list. Email marketing has one of the Highest ROI and conversion rates so it is essential to small business. Use a free service to start and upgrade when the email list becomes profitable.


Blogging is the cornerstone of Content Marketing. There are many blogging sites you can use for free. Create your own unique content and publish it yourself and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Social Media

Use social media platforms to reach your potential audience. Make sure to use only the Social Media channels that make sense for your business and the ones your target audience uses. Don’t waste time on Social Media Channels that don’t make sense. Here is a quick Guide for where your efforts should be.

  • Facebook – Best for B2C Products
  • Twitter – Good for B2B
  • Instagram – Great for visual products
  • Google+ – If your customers prefer this platform
  • LinkedIn – Excellent for B2B
  • Pinterest – Another fantastic option for highly visual products and services
  • Tumblr – Short attention span theater
  • Flickr – Another visual option
  • Quora – Great for finding B2B leads and establishing thought leadership
  • – Use this for local marketing


The number one way to get the word out about your business is Networking. It reaches fewer people but has the potential to create a richer client list. People buy from people they trust. Networking builds trust.

Small Business Marketing With No Budget

Tip to Grow your Email List

Grow your email list by offering a birthday or an anniversary club. People that sign up get something special that month and you get access to a potential customer. People love free things and if they sign up, they probably like what you are giving them. This means that you will have a list rich with people who are your target audience and rich lists produce more sales. Use your email list segmentation (you had better be with a service that has it) to manage those lists. Then you can send out the special promotion to the right people. Make sure what you give is worth them signing up but not so good it breaks your bank. Envelopes

Increase Open Rates – Avoid These Words

EnvelopesWant to increase open and response rates? Leave these 6 words out of your subject line. Just, Very, Really, ASAP, Stuff, Things. They do more harm than good and here is why.

Just – I just want to let you know that you should just leave out any word that just really has no place in the subject line. “Just”
is overused and annoying and really doesn’t add to the content of the message. Consider other words if you feel “Just” belongs in the subject line. Example: Just 5 people can participate.vs Only 5 spots available. One is soft, one is urgent. Do yourself a favor, “Just” leave it out.

Very /Really – Overused and doesn’t add any thing. What’s the difference be tween urgent and very urgent?  One feels like it’s trying too hard. Every word of your subject line should be deliberate and these two words aren’t. They sound like you didn’t have a better way of expressing yourself.

ASAP – As soon as possible? Who defines soon as possible? Does that mean this minute or next month some time? If you are trying to create urgency this is not the way. Say what you mean. Respond ASAP. vs. Respond by tomorrow. One gets opened, the other gets forgotten.

Stuff/Things – What stuff? What things? Be accurate with your subject line. It is ok to create mystery. “Get a free gift just for opening this email” (though with a line like that it had better be something decent) vs “Get free stuff” “Check out these things”. Ambiguity is not your friend when it comes to email marketing.

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Subscription Service Launching (Blog is always free!)

LogoBusiness advice is great….but do you want more? How about twice weekly videos? How about a live chat each week to answer your questions? In depth training about small business and marketing topics delivered to you and access to an award winning business coach….. for $30 a month? Yep. Of course you are welcome to go to a marketing firm and get the same information (cheapest one in Logan is $300/hr). Kind of interested? Here is a free video to get you started. Feel free to chime in below ifyou have any questions about this service. Feel free to tell EVERYONE….we are going to change small business marketing and help YOU increase your effectiveness in the market!

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

I often hear the phrase “I don’t have time to do email marketing” from my clients. This always makes me worry for them and wonder what else could be more important? Granted, there are more important things in business than an email marketing program. Taking care of your customers, balancing your books or just about any day to day operations, but there are few things more important in the long run. Email marketing provides two of the most important business functions, lead generation and sales generation, along with a host of other benefits that are essential to the long term health of a business.

Lead Generation – According to McKinsey & Co. Email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in obtaining customers. With 91% of people checking their emails every day it is a great way to get your message in front of a lot of people quickly. Lead generation is almost always a top goal for the marketing crowd and email marketing is a cost effective way of doing just that. Besides being effective at generating leads, email marketing produces quality leads as well. The quality of email marketing leads surpasses even the power of organic search and social media in a study by Conductor. High quality leads for a reasonable price. This sounds like a winning combination to me.

Sales Generation – It is the goal of every business to make sales and email marketing is a great tool to help with that. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase according to digital marketing adviser Convince & Convert. McKinsey & Co. found that purchases made through email are 17% higher than those made through social media. This is a powerful combination that is often ignored. Potential customers can be reached for a fraction of a penny and we know they spend money on products seen in emails, but email marketing is still seen as a waste of time.

Other Benefits – Another goal marketers consistently try to achieve is “top of mind awareness”. Email marketing is an inexpensive way to help boost your brand awareness with potential customers. An email marketing campaign will keep customers informed about what your brand is doing as well as generate the leads and sales your organization needs. Customers also use email for information. Forrester found that a quarter of adults online in the US value email as a way to learn about new products and promotions and that number is increasing. Educating customers is expensive and doesn’t always see returns on the investment you make. Email marketing helps curb those costs by bringing the education to your clients in a more cost effective manner. Since you can educate and sell in the same email, your campaign can achieve multiple objectives at the same time for a lower price.

Conclusion – I hear “I don’t have time” and I think “can you afford not to take the time?” With an ROI of $40.56 for every $1 spent (DMA), email marketing is a cost effective way to get your brand message out, educate your customers, generate leads and bring in sales. It’s a powerful tool that is only getting better. Email use is still expanding and reaching more and more potential clients. Get your emails rolling and reap the benefits of one of the best business tools available.

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