Using the New Facebook: Part 7


Facebook Post Idea #7

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Use industry resources to fill your social media and blogs with more relevant content for your followers. Provide links and your own commentary on the content when you share it. They are following you so they want to know what you think about what you share. Make sure the sources of your content is clear when you share it and keep the content on topic.

Using the New Facebook: Part 6

Facebook Post Idea #6

People like feeling special by getting a deal others don’t. They like being rewarded for loyalty and seeing companies reward them for sticking around. Giving out special deals to a targeted audience is a great way to encourage a following. If they feel they are one of the few involved it brings them closer to your brand. If they feel the deal is available to anyone the special feeling is gone and you lose some support from them. Just remember to make your loyal customers feel like they are part of an elite club to increase engagement.

Using the New Facebook: Part 4

Facebook Post Idea #4

Posting random information and quotes relevant to your industry can create customer engagement. Trivia is a big motivator for people to follow your social media if you keep it relevant to their interests. It keeps the content fresh and interesting to your followers. Some social media followers don’t care as much if the information is specific to your industry but it is up to you to figure out what your customers want.

Using the New Facebook: Part 3

Facebook Post Idea #3_

The only one you can count on talking about what you do well is yourself. Luckily, if you have a loyal customer base it isn’t hard to get them to say nice things about you but who is going to tell others about such praises? You! Let others know you are doing well and have happy customers. Keep the messages light, make sure you have permission to use the statements, and make sure your potential customers hear all about it.

Using the New Facebook: Part 2

Facebook Post Idea #2_

People like an inside look at companies they follow. Getting a behind the scenes glimpse gives them insight into the companies they deal with. This helps give a company a more human face and makes the customer feel like they are part of the company culture. Highlight the interesting parts of your company culture and the people that make things happen. This has the added benefit of promoting your employee satisfaction when their accomplishments are presented to others. Keep it relevant and fun and make they customers part of the experience.

Using the New Facebook: Part 1

Facebook Post Idea #1_Provide specific tips or info that prospective customers would find interesting

With the new Facebook algorithms, some companies are scrambling to figure out what to do. This week we will be posting a new Facebook friendly tip to help make engaging and interesting posts as part of your social media campaign. It is the basics of Content Marketing.

The first tip is to provide specific tips or info that your target customers would find interesting. This is the base of a good content marketing campaign. It makes you useful to your customer and shows your knowledge in the given subject. There is almost no industry where content marketing wouldn’t be useful. It’s a great way to engage current clients and a way to find new followers. Make sure there is a call to action somewhere on your info.

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Increasing Page Interaction

Getting shares and likes can help boost your page and get you an even wider audience. One technique that works well is to post quotes or humor on your page. Make sure it is relevant to the page topic or it can be counterproductive. Injecting a little humor never hurts but unless you page is all about comedy make sure you don’t overdo it. Posting quotes from famous people that are relevant to your page can also help but shouldn’t be the only thing you post. Keeping a good mix of content is the key to boosting yout engagement.


Use quotes or humor to boost your page interaction