Marketing With No Budget: The Meat! (Part 2)

It is truly astonishing how many ways there are to market without spending money if you are willing to spend some time. Of course, when some businesses say they want free marketing it means they want someone else to do it for free. They just need to remember that everyone’s time is valuable and in general, people do not like working for free. Consider a trade, consider what you can do for them, find a way to compensate others even if you are cash-strapped and you will find people more willing to help you. Doing it yourself is the intent of these articles on marketing without a budget but if you can get help, go for it. Of the methods on this infographic, I like YouTube. It’s the worlds second largest search engine and can find an audience that other platforms can’t match if you do it right.

Marketing - More Small Business Marketing With No Budget


Marketing With No Budget: The Meat!

Let’s get to the meat of it. How do you market without a budget? The simple answer is by spending time on your marketing. The less money you spend the more time you will have to spend on getting your message out there. Content Marketing is a great method for establishing your brand voice, gaining credibility and getting your message out to your target audience. Of all the methods in the Infographic below, I am partial to Networking. It has done the most for my business in terms of time spent to dollars earned. Of course, each industry is different but I am of the opinion you can’t go wrong with networking as you explore the methods that work best for you.


Marketing - Small Business Marketing With No Budget


Marketing for the Little Business

This week we will be talking about how to market your small business. We will discuss Guerilla Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Content Marketing and how to do it all on little or no budget. One truth I have found in marketing is that when you spend less money you have to spend more time, it’s a tradeoff. When you feel you shouldn’t spend money on marketing your business ask yourself what your own time is worth. It might be more expensive in the long run not to hire someone. Of course, you can learn to do it all yourself, just make sure that’s the best thing for your business.

“Don_t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” - Mike Volpe


More Small Business Marketing with No Budget

As a followup to yesterday’s post, we have included even more ways to market your small business without spending any money. Find one or two of these that fit your style, customer demographics, and sound like you would enjoy keeping up with then go for it! To remain effective you have to be consistent so keep that in mind when deciding how to promote your business.


The second largest search engine in the world and you can use it for free. Produce useful content to gain followers and increase your marketing reach. Make sure you cross promote with your other platforms. A Video in your email increases click-through rates by 200-300%.


Offering up white papers or guides for your customers is a good way to get your name out. Don’t just write up an ad and pretend it’s a whitepaper, make sure the information is useful. Decision makers and influences overwhelmingly indicated Whitepapers are useful when making purchasing decisions.

Make Calls

Despite what you may have heard, cold calling isn’t dead. Review your potential targets, learn all you can and the connection is more likely. Choose carefully and go it armed with knowledge and how you intend to help them, don’t just sell.


Podcasting is gaining popularity and you might want to look into it. It is possible to podcast for free, but a small investment will make things easier. Have interesting guests and good content to grow your listening base.

More Small Business Marketing With No Budget