The Most Important Question About Your Social Media Marketing


There is no end the the advice you can find on social media. Our Facebook page is filled with tips and tricks to get likes and shares. Everywhere you turn there is the “latest and greatest” system for getting your content seen. But what is the number one question you need to ask yourself about your social media campaign? Before you post anything, what question should be on your mind?In Box

What do I want to get out of my social media campaign?

I don’t think we can overstate how important the answer to this question is. This will define what sites you post to be it Facebook, Twitter or others. This will dictate what type of content you produce like long form blogs or super short tweets. It will also inform you of how to promote it. This  goal can shift over time as the needs of your business change. At first it may be about awareness but shift into deepening your customer relationships as you get better known. The biggest point is that the answer to this question should be clear in your mind every time you post. Every single post should point back to the purpose of your social media campaign. Without this information, it’s better to post nothing.

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch, you must have one. The first 10 seconds of your pitch are the most crucial since that is all you may get, so make sure you grab attention. The first 10 seconds should have your name, company and what you do. “I’m Jason Porter with My Business Adviser and I solve business problems.” Fast. Simple. Attention-grabbing.Handshake

Now that they know who you are and what you do, the second part of your elevator pitch is why they care. “I do that by teaching small business owners how to market and grow their business” This lets them decide if they are interested in you working with them.

The last part of your elevator pitch is to prove it. You have told them what you do so you need to back up those words with a short example “for example one of my clients, Heidy, saw her sales triple within two weeks of her coaching”

Now close it with a call to action, “I’m looking for other business owners that feel overwhelmed and need a boost in profitability and sales.” This is a soft Call to Action and you can take a more direct route if it suits you and you know the person you are talking to is your ideal client, for example, “I’d like to see if I can produce similar results for you, do you have 5 minutes so I can ask you a couple of questions?”. If you are going to take more time, be sure you are specific on how much of their time you will take. If the person you are talking to expresses interest then setting up a future meeting, that is fine as long as you set a specific appointment and not a vague “we’ll meet later”.

There it is, a step by step process for creating your elevator pitch. It is set up this way in case you don’t have time to do the whole thing, you get the most important part out first. Remember, practice, practice, practice. This works best when it flows.


Elevator Pitch (1)

Should You be Worried About the New Facebook Algorithm?

WorldShould you be worried about the new Facebook algorithm? In a word, nope. While flash-in-the-pan marketers are trying to figure out how to not get trapped behind the new Facebook algorithms, serious marketers aren’t worried. Facebook will be basing what people see on how much time is spent viewing a post. Increase read time, increased post exposure. A word of advice? Don’t use tricks or gimmicks to increase the time people spend viewing your post, use sound marketing techniques. So, how do you make sure your posts get priority with the new system? Provide content to your customers.Here’s how to make the best of this new opportunity.

  1. Relevant – Make sure your content matters. Keep your customers interests in mind as you write. Keep up on what is going on within your customers world. Make sure you know what matters to them.
  2. Timely – Make sure your content is relevant to the customers interest at the moment. Are there industry changes? Tech advances? New science? What is moving and shaking in your clients world?
  3. Valuable – Give your customers value. Make sure it is information they can use. If the content provides value they will spend more time reading your post. Give practical tips, advice, statistics or how to guides to keep your customers reading.

So don’t worry about the new algorithms, just continue doing good marketing and they will work for you and not against you.


The Power of the Personal Touch

EnvelopesWhen was the last time you received a personal thank you from a purchase? My guess is that it has been a while. Handwritten notes are rare and a way for you to stand out from the competition. I see people saying that personal notes are “All the rage” but I still haven’t ever gotten one and neither has anyone I asked. There are companies out there that do it with great success but they are few and far between, so here is a way for a small business to really stand out without a lot of expense. Here are some tips to make your thank you note campaign stand out.

  • Really make it personal – Address it to the purchaser “Dear Steve”. and include details so the customer knows it isn’t just a form letter. “Thank you for buying the blue hat, it is my favorite color and was fun to make for you.” These little touches tell the customer you really do appreciate your business and aren’t just sending formulaic thank you cards to everyone.
  • Leave out the business card – Or at least carefully consider it. This tip goes against instinct and against my feelings that everyone should have my card.  If you include your card it diminished the note. It goes from a genuine thank you to a branding effort. Of course you make sure they can get back in touch with you, address embossed on the card or written on the back, but there is no need for branding efforts here. The thank you is the point.
  • Make it a surprise – The first purchase a customer makes should have a thank you card in it, after that, make it random. If they expect a card each time it is no longer special. This keeps the card as something they hope to get, but don’t expect. It also reduces the burden of how many cards to send. If you are set on sending a note with each purchase make sure to look at the next tip.
  • Don’t make it a chore – If you have to write too many cards, this is a good thing and a bad thing. Don’t let it burn you out of become a dread, it will be reflected in the writing. If you just have too many cards to write consider hiring someone to help with it or outsourcing the process (yup there are services for everything). Don’t let this powerful tool bog you down.

Use these tips to stand out from the crowd. Almost no one does personal notes, so it is an easy win and a powerful tool for creating customer loyalty. Feel free to send me questions or comments below.