Growing Your Instagram Brand

With everyone clamoring about how great Instagram is for growing a business with a visual element it’s hard to know where to start. Of course, content is king, you should start with a strong visual presence and good looking content, it’s what drives Instagram interaction. Once you have a visual identity established here are a few more tips and tricks to grow your business on Instagram and to make sure your content is seen by as many people as possible.


Dump the Snap, Embrace The Gram

The Snapchat platform has run into a series of blunders causing its users (and owners) a lot of headaches. They moved away from the core of the product and tried to be everything to everyone which alienated their base. Even before they caused so many problems for their users, Instagram was already a superior product doing everything Snapchat did while staying true to its core product. Here are some good reasons to dump Snapchat and work your visual business through Instagram instead.

Instagram - 5 Reasons to Switch from Snapchat to Instagram


The Instagram Age Still Going Strong

If you have a visual aspect to your business you owe it to yourself to be on Instagram. It is the number 14th ranked website in the world and has over 800 million people as part of it. The beauty of Instagram as a marketing platform is the ads aren’t as developed as Facebook so it still feels like an ad-free platform. With a plan to share visual an interesting content you can gain a wide following to market your goods or services to. Here are some statistics on why you should be paying attention to this powerful tool.

Instagram - Stats

Why You Should Switch From Snapchat to Instagram.

Snapchat used to be the darling of the Social Media world but has lost its edge. A platform where your content is fleeting which created a frenzy of activity when you posted it. Instead of sticking with what works Snapchat tried to become too much and has diluted its brand until it is now just a second-rate platform trying to combine Flipboard, Facebook, and Instagram. In the meantime, Instagram caught up and passed Snapchat in functionality and design. So now Snapchat is shedding followers and Instagram is gaining. Here are 5 reasons to leave Snapchat and concentrate on Instagram for your brand.

5 Reasons to Switch from Snapchat to Instagram

What do the Experts Say About Growing Your Instagram Following?

There are plenty of people who have some amazing numbers when it comes to Instagram. I have looked through tons of them and found some real gems of information for you, compiling them in one place. Check out what these experts say about using Instagram to the fullest potential possible.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips From Experts

How Do You Grow Your Instagram Followers?

Of course, the best way to grow any social media audience is with new, relevant and timely content. For Instagram that means pictures and videos that appeal to your target demographic. You may need some market research to find out what your audience is looking for on Instagram and to maximize your impact. Here are some other tips for growing your Instagram followers.


The Power of Instagram

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is the 6th largest Social Media Network by volume. It is also one of the fastest growing, appealing to a wide audience and bringing a diverse offering to the table. What do we need to know about Instagram as marketers and small business owners? This week we will take a deeper look at this visual platform and how it can boost your business.

Instagram Stats