What we can learn from the Superb Owl Ads: Part 1

The biggest single advertising day of the year had come and gone but always leaves us with a few lessons in advertising. I will be talking about my picks for winners and losers in this year’s advertising extravaganza and what we can learn from it (even if you don’t agree with my picks).

Of course, the big winner was Tide. The first advertisement stole the show and turned every other ad into an ad for Tide. This brand wasn’t far from my mind as each ad started because with few exceptions I couldn’t tell if it was another Tide ad or not. Only a few brands were strong enough to not advertise for Tide inadvertently.

This is the same concept as used in guerrilla¬†marketing tactics, use other ads and promotions to get your message across. Its more difficult than the books, blogs and podcasts make it sound but when you can pull it off the impact is tremendous. It would serve you well to go back and watch all the tide ads from this year’s game to get a better idea of how to use your competitor’s branding to promote your brand.

It's a Tide ad.