Time Management and SMART goals

This is a great way to make sure you actually reach your goals. It sets a framework to set your goals to and to measure their success.

Time Management - SMART Goals

Time Management – The Tools

Having the right tools for the job always helps make things easier. As I said in an earlier post if it isn’t on my calendar it doesn’t exist. These tools also help out with managing your time and getting more done.

Time Management - 2

Time Management 101 – The Simple Steps

Here are some of the simple things you can do to start getting a handle on the time getting away from you.

Calender Everything – If it doesn’t exist on my calendar it doesn’t exist. A properly managed calendar makes sure the critical items are taken care of and lets me know when I have time for everything else. Time for prospecting, time for calls, time for content creation all get placed on the calendar.

Focus On One Thing at a Time – Super Multitaskers exist. You aren’t one. Neither is anyone you know. True multitaskers are extremely rare and it’s much more likely you are deluding yourself and wasting time. Focus on one task, get it done, move to the next. Cut distractions and don’t try to multitask.

Learn To Say No – You aren’t a superhero so quit trying to save everyone and every project. Know your limits and stick to them. Knowing how and when to say no earns respect and trust. Say yes only when you know you can handle the extra work.

Set Specific Times To Check Social Media – The first 5 minutes of every hour for example. If you have a set schedule for checking messages and social media you can focus better on your current task.

Do the Hard Things First – It really does make your day go easier and stems off procrastination. The hard part is done, so the rest is easy.

Time Management - info

Why Time Management?

Most people know time management is a good thing but still don’t do anything about it. With the right time management in place, you can accomplish what seems like miracles to people who have no time management skills. It’s not something you can do overnight. You need small steps at a time, little incremental steps to become a master of time management and get twice as much done in half the time (Sometimes literally) This week we will talk about how to get your time under control.

Time Management - Why Time Management Matters

What Can a Business Coach do for You?

I hope you all have been enjoying the posts, infographics, and knowledge I have been passing on to you good folks. Today I’d like to talk about what a business coach can do for you. Small business owners wear many hats and are expected to know every aspect of business. Of course, it isn’t realistic and that’s where I come in. I help fill in the gaps so all those important things don’t fall through the cracks. Social media, marketing, sales processes, customer support, business plans, content management can all have an impact on a business’s success but is a ton for a small group or individual to manage. Some clients need advice, some need training, some just need me to get the job done for them. I am a force multiplier for small businesses helping them get more done than they could do by themselves. Of course my first consult is free (otherwise how do we know if I can help) and it isn’t meaningless fluff, you will walk away with usable information even if we aren’t a fit. Give me a call and get your business the help it deserves. (435) 554-8209 https://www.facebook.com/mybusinessadviser/

Coach Should You Have A Business Coach-

How to Maximize Your Break Time

A great tip for time management is to take a break. I recommend a 10 minute break every hour for maximum concentration and keeping your best foot forward. Sometimes that isn’t possible but you are doing yourself and your business a disservice if you are taking no breaks at all. Reduced concentration, decreased productivity, elevated levels of anxiety and depression are just some of the rewards you get for not taking a break. Super busy and need to maximize the effectiveness of your break? Check out the infographic for tips on just that.


Maximizing Your Break

Are You Using Best Pratices for Twitter?

Now that we have talked about what not to do, what are some of the best practices using Twitter? Of course out of all the practices described in the infographic the top one is “Don’t Just Plan – Do It!”. As I had described before, Twitter is pretty forgiving as long as you aren’t going in the direction of controversy. Just get some Tweets out there and see how they do. All the planning in the world isn’t going to tell you how your target audience reacts to your posts. They may go crazy for your content, they may ignore it. Either way, you no have data to dial in your strategy. So get out there and Tweet, and use these Best Practices.

Twitter Best Practices for Twitter