Are You Making These Twitter Mistakes?

Twitter, in general, is a pretty forgiving social media platform. Unless you are posting boneheaded or insensitive comments you can get away with mistakes and it won’t negatively impact your numbers much. The problem is if you continually post using spammy or undesirable methods you will shed followers and get pushed to the bottom of everyone else’s feed. Here are the Twitter mistakes to avoid to keep your follower base growing at a healthy pace and retain quality contacts.

Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Teamwork Tools

Keeping your teams coordinated in today’s environment is easier than ever. With the potential of having teams spread out the tools you use become more important. Here are six tools to help keep teams in touch and on task.

6 tools to help your teams collaborate.png

Increase Your Twitter Following

Slow and steady keeps your Twitter following. If you use “flash in the pan” techniques you can gain a large following fast, then loose the just as fast. Here are some solid tips for gaining followers and keeping them watching your feed.

How to increase your twitter followers

Twitter Engagement

Tweet DrawingTwitter engagement is the measure of activity of your followers interacting with your content. This shows they are interested and paying attention to what you post so it is a good indicator of how effective a campaign is. Getting fans engaged can give you valuable feedback and tell you what your brand is doing right and what they are doing wrong.

One tip for increasing your engagement is to not overwhelm your followers. Socialbakers found that engagement dropped after the third Tweet each day. Every company is different so your level of engagement may be different, but likely it is right around the three Tweet mark. You need to watch your analytics and find your sweet spot. See when there is a difference in engagement and try to hit that mark each day, spread out of course. Make sure your Tweets are not too many, not too few…..just right.

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